2016 JUDGES  
  Matt Field Patrick Mordaunt


Matt Coffman


  Age – 25
Height – 5' 9"
Weight – 155
Eye Color – Blue
Hair Color – Brown

Nickname – "Mofo"
Car Number – 777
Hometown – San Jose, CA
Current Residence – California
Languages – English
Occupation – Driving, baby!

Team –Drift Cave motorsports
Crew Members –Daniel Chow, Daniel Tredway, Ty Milner, Murray Levdar, Diane Firmalino, Bruce Field
Car –CX Racing Yokohama Tire Nissan S14

Tires –falken Tire 255/35/18 295/30/19
Engine – LSx vortech supercharged
Horsepower – 1,000,000hp / 900tq
Suspension – Part Shop Max
Brakes – Wilwood
Wheels – Rotiform
ExteriorCar Modify Wonder, Seibon Carbon, Crown Auto Body Paint
Interior – grip Royal Wheel, Mop Top Pros Dash, Parts Shop Max Hydraulic Handbrake Sparco Seats

Sponsors –Grip Royal Wheel, Mop Top Pros Dash, Parts Shop Max Hydraulic Handbrake Sparco Seats Sponsors: CX Racing, Yokohama Tire, Blacktrax Performance, Vortech Superchargers, Parts Shop Max, Rotiform, Trick Flow Specialties, Fatlace, Daft Innovations, ACT Clutches, Aermotive , Grip Royal, Ignite Race Fuels, Pyrotect Safety, Synapse Engineering, K&N Filters, Ignited clothing, Hardcore clothing JP, Mop Top Pros, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Car Modify Wonder, Drive Shaft Shop, Supertech Performance.

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Age – 24
Height – 5’ 10”
Weight – 175
Eye Color – Green
Hair Color –brown

Nickname- Pat
Car Number – 90
Hometown – Westchester, CA
Current Residence – Redondo Beach, CA
Languages – English
Occupation – Driver

Team –Tyler McQuarrie Racing
Crew Members –Clay Stephens, Rob Fortier, Robert Pigeon
Car – Nissan 350Z
Sponsors –, Falken Tire, Konig Wheels, Parts Shop Max, Brian Crower, Sparco, Takata Racing, ShipSmart, Newport Pacific Companies, Daley Visual, AEM

Tires –Falken RT615K F: 245/40R18 R: 295/40R18
Engine – Chevrolet LS7 with Nitrous
Horsepower –650Hp 600Tq
Suspension –BC Racing Coilovers, Parts Shop MAX Limit Break Angle Kit with End Links
Brakes – Wilwood
Wheels –Konig Milligram F: 18x9.5 R: 18x10
Exterior-C-West Bodykit
Interior – Sparco ERGO seats, Takata Racing 6pt HANS Harness
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Age –21
Height –6'3
Weight – 160
Eye Color –blue
Hair Color –auburn

Nickname – Coffman
Languages -english

Hometown - Medford, Oregon

Current Residence- Central point, Oregon

Occupation- Professional driver

Team – Coffman racing

Car - Coffman racing s13

Sponsors –Thunderbolt, Radium, ASNU, Seibon, Mishimoto, Rays/Mackin, Battle Version, K&N, Sparco, KW Suspensions, Era1, John Reed Racing, Moto IQ, Abandon Visual, Yaer, Motec, Braille batteries, Roush Yates, Touge Factory, Power by Max, Rocket bunny, Driveshaft Shop, Winters, Fuel Safe, Cool Shirt, XRP, Champion, Progress Group, CV Products

Tires –Falken / 255 front 275 rear
Engine – Rouch Yates 410
Horsepower –740 HP / 700 TQ
Suspension – KW, Battle Version, Driftworks Knuckles
Brakes –AP Brakes
Wheels –Rays 57DR 18" 9 1/2" width
Exterior- TRA KYOTO Rocket Bunny gen.2
Interior –Sparco steering wheel, seats, and Harnesses. Era1 "The Handle" E-Brake

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